SakeServe four kinds of sake, two hot and two cold. You can serve Masumi “Okuden” sake hot, and the “Arabashiri” which is best served cold. Both are about ($25.00) for 24 ounces serving and the “Arabashiri” is described on our featured wines page. Also, try serving Tamanohikari “Yamahai” both hot and cold. This junmai-ginjo brew is a product of Kyoto, Japan, since 1673 and has the Highest Authorized Ranking in Japan. It is traditionally brewed without being fortified with alcohol or additives. It is rich and dry with a beautiful harmony of acidity and sweetness. It can be served at Sake40¬∞F-50¬∞F or 105¬∞F-115¬∞F. The full-bodied taste of Tamanohikari gives a distinctive impact not unlike Bourbon whisky. The cost is about $22.00 for 720 ml.

Pair the sake with funky and eclectic music like Cafe Del Mar (Volume 7), Black Eyed Peas’ “Monkey Business”, and Coldplay’s “X&Y” and let your guests decide which goes best with each type of sake. Then play Diana Krall and see if her music is too mellow to accompany the kick of the sake.

We suggest serving Caribbean Lobster Spring Rolls and an assortment of sushi and sashimi at your party. Make sure to write us with your results and we will post them on the “”Your Pairings”” page of our site. Or you can post your own blogs on our site.