By Tre Gibbs
Summer SolsticeAs the days grow longer and warmer, as spring’s initial beams of hope metamorphose into summer’s glorious promise, one not need look any further than our wine cellars and CD collections to truly celebrate the wonderful season that’s waxing it’s way into our collective souls …

As this season’s solstice quickly approaches, the key to capturing it’s vibrant quality is choosing to enjoy this wonderful combination of a flavorful “Chateau Mourgues Du Gres” 2004 res along with the new disc from Josh Rouse entitled, “Subtitulo”.

The wine is a wonderful synthesis of intense fruit followed by a medium to dry (but not too dry) finish. it’s like biting into that ideal piece of watermelon on a hot August day, followed by a soft, refreshing, lingering on the tongue, begging the palate for more.

Josh Rouse’s thoughtful, garage band style music is a refreshing departure from mainstream folksy-rock of today. The tunes are Mediterranean inspired, catchy, upbeat, fun, cool and smooth – just like the transition from a warm afternoon to a balmy evening on that perfect summer day.

Summertime brings us back to the insouciant days of childhood pleasures; afternoons that last forever, special friends, lighthearted gatherings, all of these things that encourage the spirit of youth, no matter what your age. Enjoy!