SangriaMake a delicious batch of sangria for a spring day of staying in. Choose a red wine – it does not need to be an expensive vintage red, for sangria always turns out to be a refreshing concoction. Try a reasonably priced red from Valencia, for example. Pour the wine into a jug, then add the sugar and stir until it dissolves. Squeeze the two oranges and add the juice to the jug. Do save a slice of orange skin for decoration. Wash and peel the peaches and cut them into small quarters (e.g. six to eight per peach), and also add these to the jug. If peaches are not in season, then use any other “sweet” fruit that is in season. Also, chop the apples into small pieces, with the peel and add. Put the jug into the refrigerator. Sangria should always be chilled. If you would like to reduce the alcohol strength, then add slices of lemon and ice cubes.

1 Liter of red wine; 2 oranges (juice naranjas de zumo); 4 peaches, cut into small pieces; 2 ripe apples; 5 desert spoons sugar ; 2 pieces of lemon skin